With both personal and family History of Cancer & Mental Health.

It has been years in the making with various Doctors, Psychiatrists & Pharmaceutical Companies to offer and provide natural healthier plant based products.

Which led our family and business on the quest to find alternative and beneficial remedies for the Human Body. Through years of Scientific Research It has led us to THC & CBD as the solution for all Humanities Illnesses and Imperfections. 

The Brand was founded in 2010 initially as an Anti Racism Campaign for Football & World Sport by sowing seeds of Respect Equality Universal Peace Worldwide. 

But we have now moved into Replacing Every Useless Plastic Worldwide & Replacing Every Useless Pharmaceutical. Using Direct Organic Cannabis & Cannabinoids.

Our Business is dedicated to producing wholesaling retailing showcasing and presenting Ethical local and International Cannabis & Hemp Brands throughout our worldwide network.

We believe in the power Cannabis possesses to heal, transform, and shape lives as well as cultural understanding. We also believe in the power of Cannabis to inform and educate. We are committed to enlightening and educating every person on the planet with the: Humanitarian example tools products and educational workshops. 

Starting with a simple mission 

( Replace Evil Useless Pharmaceuticals) With natural CBD & THC Products for our Endocannabinoid Systems worldwide.

REUP Worldwide is on the verge of establishing a market leading product able to conquer any Cancerous Cell or Mental Health Condition.

The Business


REUP Worldwide is a retail Cannabis Hemp store and wholesale distributor of quality hemp flower extracts such as sublingual oil, vape oils, concentrates and other hemp products. 

We are fast becoming one of the leading Cannabis Hemp companies Worldwide. We are focused on building Brands & Block-chains that help bring Cannabis & Hemp to the mainstream market worldwide. 

Our aim is to set a benchmark for the industry in terms of production, product and service to the community. We are working with local and regional farmers, local educators, industry leaders, manufacturers, and retailers to rebuild a market chain that will provide quality jobs throughout Ireland the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world.

Our passion is driven by the opportunity to bring real growth, sustainable products and viable, proven alternatives to pharmaceuticals into our communities. 

Direct Organic Cannabinoids


DOC is a thriving new venture. We specialise in the production, cultivation, harvesting and processing of cannabis plants for the food, luxury and medical sectors.

Starting with the development of the mother plants over the propagation and rearing of the cuttings under controlled conditions up to the further processing – our service pallet covers the complete production range. 

In addition to professionally trained employees, we us the highest grade technology and implement the highest of hygiene standards to ensure a high yield with the highest quality. In addition to the constant optimisation of production and processing methods, we also see our responsibility in being able to offer our customers plants with the optimum properties, depending on their requirements.

With American Canadian Portuguese Spanish & SWISS Licensed Producers of hand picked cannabis products.

We have the finest catalogue on the planet gifted to us by Mother Nature and our travels around the world.




1,000,000+ employees needed throughout Ireland in next 5 years. As well as the impact we will have on the Farming Industry. The sudden influx of workers coming back to the Manufacturing & Agricultural Industries will germinate and seed throughout Ireland. 

Creating Industry and creating sustainable jobs in the most rural of locations which was not thought possible previously. 

With a very fast-growing footprint throughout the world that includes expansion plans throughout Argentina, Canada, Columbia, Ireland , Portugal. 

This is exciting times for us and every country were involved in helping develop and benefit there economy and communities. We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of strains of award winning, artisan, and hand-trimmed cannabis flowers with varying levels of THC and CBD. 

We also offer cannabis oils with varying levels of THC and CBD to clients who prefer ingesting rather than inhaling their medicine.

Our team has decades of combined experience in cannabis cultivation, scientific research, customer service, and Health Care. Inspired by our experiences mother nature and our beautiful planet  that surrounds our facility, we grow our plants organically, using glacial-fed groundwater, without any pesticides or foliage sprays.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance and Control program ensures that all of our products are rigorously tested by an independent, third-party laboratory for cannabinoid potency and a variety of microbial & chemical contaminants including mould, bacteria, and heavy metals.

DOC is 100% family-owned and operated, and we source all of our supplies and raw materials from local businesses. Unlike many of our competitors, DOC embraces the rich cannabis culture and cultivation history that each nation were once known and famous for. We use traditional strain names, so that our patients are able to easily transition to the program, and know exactly what they are ordering.

We are passionate, client-focused, and pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled customer service. We are constantly improving our cultivation methods, and always looking for feedback from our patients.

We offer discrete, express shipping worldwide, using ethical Postal providers.

Additional incentives rewards and prizes to the whole REUP / DOC  Family Friends & Repeat customers, which we are happy to tell you about!!  

Any Questions Please email:

Sowing Seeds Worldwide!

“We believe every country on earth should benefit from the wonders of Hemp & Marijuana from both a health and financial prospective.”

“These two plants have the potential to replenish and repair our planet and to be able to eliminate war greed and poverty!” 

” It should be about more, than just the financial gain. Its about the positive impact and legacy we will have had as a company and family on this planet” 

Benjamin Leo Peter Butler 



DOCRetail Revolution!!

Setting out the Blueprint for the rest of the Island & World. 


Plans to provide every dispensary in the world with the finest Cannabis & Hemp Products on the planet. 

As well as alternative biodegradable packaging solutions which offer a solution to plastic.

And eliminate any impact on our consumers environments and wildlife.

We continue to grow rapidly as the legislation allows and the demand for our products and service grows.



This website does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness and does not intend to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare professional.

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