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By offering an ethical zero carbon fast and reliable delivery which the customer can track on their phone, DOC has revenue growth of over 200% year on year. 

Businesses who partner with us see their revenue increase by up to 30%, creating thousands of jobs in the Cannabis sector. 

DOC is on a mission to transform the way customers consume purchase receive and smoke. A seed to our growth and development is having the best selection of popular Brands Dispensaries & Licensed Producers to choose from throughout the world.

Whether people want a smoke or two in the evening, or a rolled joint at lunch, or freshly made edibles for Breakfast , Lunch or Dinner – we’ve got it covered.

By constantly growing and expanding, we offer the best choice and convenience. 

Our aim is to bring great Cannabis & Hemp direct to customers as fast as possible, in less than 60 minutes.

DOC was founded in Ireland & UK but established in Vancouver Canada and we are proud to export Irish-born technology around the world. 

Our ‘REUP’ algorithm is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way of distributing orders based on the location of our Brands, Dispensaries and Licensed Producers, riders and customers.

Our system helps to predict the time it will take to prepare the REUP, helping to streamline the delivery process.

DOC has already cut delivery time by 20%, meaning DOC are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase their earnings, Businesses are able to increase their sales, and – of course – customers get their Herbs & Treats even faster.

DOC is proud to offer well-paid, flexible work and our Healers are at the heart of all that we do. Their hard work powers our growth, and without them we would be unable to bring our customers the best Cannabis Products  on demand while helping great local Brands & Dispensaries to grow.

DOC cares about our riders, and that’s why we were the first on-demand company to call for an end to the trade-off between flexibility and security that currently exists in employment law. We want to work with Governments in all countries to make this happen.

DOC is passionate about Cannabis and bringing people evermore choice. 

There are amazing creations and strains everywhere that we believe everyone should have access to.

But DOC’s mission is not only to make sure that the Cannabis & Hemp in your area are available to you when and where you want them – we want to go further and bring new Brands to your area so you have even more choice of amazing Cannabis Products.

DOC  platform does exactly that: helping Businesses expand to new areas. DOC  identifies the Brands , Strains or Seeds that people want but do not have access to locally and then invests in Brands who excel in those areas to help them expand there networks.

We help Businesses to set up Distribution Platforms in new areas within just 8-12 weeks, without the upfront costs of a high-street premise. 

DOC provides our partners and Businesses with data insights so that they know which products will be popular in specific local areas – meaning Brands grow faster and customers have wider choice.

Whether it is a local Business looking to expand, street entrepreneurs seeking new customers, or a Brand wanting to launch a new product range, DOC is designed to support innovation.

All this is what lies behind DOC’s mission to bring the whole world back together again through quality Cannabis & Hemp Products. 

Every customers desires are unique and different, and its our mission to ensure that they are fulfilled and satisfied with what they want, when and where they want it. 24 Hours a day.

Building A Brand?


What can we offer?


We are able to custom make different strengths and can order the choice of Full Spectrum or Raw Paste CBD, using Hemp Oil or MCT as the carrier.


We can create different strength sprays with natural flavours of your choice with MCT being used as the carrier.

 Capsules which can be Vegan or Gelatine

We can supply the options of different strengths, with added ingredients, and packed in whatever packaging you need.

Soft Gels

Again, these can be different strengths as required, with the option of packaging too.


These will be infused with Full Spectrum Oil, but can vary in strength (from 5mg through to 25mg as required) and packed according to customers’ needs.

We can supply and create a unique cream as requested, which can have varying strengths of CBD, but, equally, we are aware that customers will always need creams that can be of different qualities with varying active contents, by using EFSA approved ingredients to support claims.


These can also be formulated to cover a multitude of different applications and, again, by using EFSA approved ingredients this will allow supported claims.


With all products (whether it is a cream or a capsule), visual appeal can create a uniqueness for the product and we will always be available to listen and suggest, to ensure that our clients are able to get whatever product is best suited to the customer base that they are looking to target.


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